Global Reactive 2017 exhibition

All artwork for Global Reactive 2017 inspired by Taro Aizu's poems. Taro kindly presented me with a copy of My Fukushima

Taro Aizu, renown Japanese poet, has released a book of poems about the area he was born in, Fukushima, post-tsunami and still reeling from the consequences of the Daiichi nuclear disaster.

Interviewing people in shelters and temporary accommodation, Taro has used their experiences and his own to inform his poetry. Not all is negative; there are some arrestingly beautiful poems about the seasons in the prefecture.

Global Reactive 2017 gathers together international artists to interpret Taro Aizu’s poems and continue to highlight the ongoing issues of nuclear contamination.

My painting “Where to Next?” uses a collage of nuclear fallout reports of Daiichi, Cesium levels detected in the soil and fruit trees. Combined with handmade paper, the reports are buried in the soil and a fruit tree grows against the background of the sea. Tied on it’s branches are lines of the poem below, offerings for a better future.

Rice and vegetables

Pears and peaches

Cats and humans

May all beings

Revive in Fukushima


Taro Aizu’s presented me with his book My Fukushima

20% of Japan’s fruit was grown in Fukushima, but the cherries, pears, apples and peaches are contaminated still.



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