Waiting for Water


Waiting for Water – made to support UN.Water’s World Water Day

Waiting for Water - UN.Water's World Water Day

Waiting for Water – UN.Water’s World Water Day   http://catherinefenton.com/postgallery/world-water-day-2016/

With no infrastructure to bring safe water to families, it is usually the women who are responsible for fetching water, sometimes walking miles to bring containers from muddy rivers. The health risks of poor sanitation and the hours wasted mean that for many women and young girls they miss out on opportunities of work, education or having time to take care of their children.

When we have the luxury of water on tap, rain can seem a bit of a nuisance. Unfurling umbrellas, we dash, heads down, to avoid getting wet. What if we too were waiting for the freedom of water to come to us?