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My work frequently deals with issues surrounding the environment and human rights and I have found art a great way of starting a conversation around difficult subjects.
Using collaged material relating to the issue, such as medical reports, newspaper articles, health and environment reports, maps, coffee, gravel, shopping receipts, letters and messages collaged into colourful scenes and embedded in the paint, these traces of living becoming hills and seas full of life and secrets, cracked to expose the story within.

I began looking for exhibitions where my work would have a voice and eventually began organising and curating my own open exhibitions, finding charity collaborators and guest speakers to enhance understanding of the themes in question and providing a practical way to give support.

I was invited to exhibit with Just Water in St Paul’s Cathedral London 2018, after organising exhibitions and events around World Toilet Day over the previous couple of years and raising money for Toilet Twinning. I gave a talk for RECIDA about Art and Toilets at COP25 Madrid 2019
With ArtCan I curated an International Day of the Girl Child Exhibition in London and reached out to Hibiscus Initiatives to offer some work experience setting up an exhibition to their clients. Hibiscus Initiatives provides legal support and a safe space to disenfranchised women and gave a talk at the private view. The founder of |http://www.wuka.co.uk|WUKA|period pants talked about growing up in Bangladesh and how women are ostracised during menstruation and her campaign to educate against period poverty. We then helped Hibiscus set up their own craft exhibition and invited our guestlist.

In 2023 Breathing Out ArtCan Climate Change Exhibition curated along with Hannah Pratt and Lawrence Mathias we ran a series of online talks including art activism, Green Fintech, Off-Grid living and Land Regeneration. We are planning another for 2024.